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Rare books about Cornwall and Devon are Belerion Books specialty. We make these rare and/or out of print books available at reasonable prices via the medium of CD ROM. These CDs contain facsimiles of the actual books scanned at 300 DPI and in Adobe Acrobat format.

Most of our newer titles are fully searchable, this is a distinct advantage when compared to the originals. Even when an original contains an index it is impossible to index each and every word. Imagine the benefit of searching for every occurrence of a surname that you might be researching and being transported directly to the entry. Another advantage is that the pdf files can be magnified on the screen, so if you are like me and have tired old eyes you will once again enjoy reading, and you can zoom in on the details of the photos. Lastly consider the cost of postage; a heavy book compared to a CD can make a big difference to the cost of an order.  

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, American Express & PayPal through our partner in E-commerce CCNow, one of the most trusted names in E-commerce. When you click on the [Buy Now] button you will temporarily be transported to their site where you may complete the transaction on their secure encrypted page, or choose to add more items to your cart. Your credit card will be billed by CCNow in US Dollars, we at Belerion Books never see your credit card information. Upon checkout we are sent an E-mail detailing your order and shipping information, only after we actually ship your item does your account get charged. You should receive your order in less than a week, no matter where you live.

If you are in the USA & prefer to send a personal check, that is fine, please E-mail us at; with the items you wish to purchase, we will then E-mail you with the price including postage.

If you are interested in alternative shipping methods, such as the M Bag for heavy or bulk orders, please check out the normal way and put a note in the space provided and I will contact you with the corrected price and deduct any overage before your card is charged. The M Bag is a bit slow though, however for orders over 20 pounds in weight it is the best alternative for International shipping. For most countries I can ship up to 66 pounds in an M Bag, but often it is cheaper to do two M Bags of 33 pounds each.

You may be responsible for Customs Duty levied by your home country, normally on 1 or 2 CDs there will be no Duty and in most countries books are exempt from Duty. This Duty is the responsibility of the importing party and we have no way to calculate cost, or if any will be due.

Join our mailing list to be kept informed of new releases simply send an E-mail with the word subscribe in the subject line and in the body. You will receive usually no more than one message a month.

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