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The Western Antiquary

Author: W. H. K. Wright
Copyright: 1882

Description: Being a medium of intercommunication for Antiquaries and Others interested in the History, Literature, and Legendary Lore of the Western Counties.

Devon & Cornwall Notebook, edited by W. H. K. Wright with an introduction by W. Copeland Borlase. Originally published in 1882 by Latimer & Son, Plymouth. 219 pages

This is the very first year for the famous "The Western Antiquary" which covers the year 1881. Each week in the newspaper The Weekly Mercury a column ran where those interested in any aspect of Cornwall or Devon could write and either ask questions, or respond to questions previously asked. Many luminaries of the period were regular contributors, including Boase, Hunt, Borlase, Courtney, Hawker, & Lach-Szyrma. 

Item: BB007
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