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Randigal Rhymes and Glossary of Cornish Words

Author: Joseph Thomas
Copyright: 1895

Description: 139 pages plus preface xii. Joseph Thomas lived at St. Michael's Mount, Marazion; he took the greatest interest in the dialect of his native Cornwall. More importantly he was a writer and collector of comic prose perhaps unequalled in Cornwall.

This book has 55 pages of rhymes, which are known as Randigal Rhymes, randigal being the dialect word for nonsensical. This is followed by a few pages of charms as used by local pellars. Next comes a few pages of local proverbs and phrases and rhymes used by children whilst at play. A very exhaustive Cornish dialect glossary of 70 pages follows, these are words that Joseph Thomas met with personally rather than gathering them secondhand. Lastly is a list of subscribers. 

This book is sure to delight anyone who has an interest in the lives of the common man & woman in the Cornwall of the late 1800s.

Item: BB012
Price: $ 15.00

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