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Cornish Song Book

Author: Ralph Dunstan
Copyright: 1929

Description: 144 pages; the nice thing about this book in Adobe Acrobat format is the ability to simply click [PRINT] and presto a nice copy of the sheet music, need 10 copies for a little sing-song, no problem. Heck you could even have a laptop mounted on top of the organ or piano and play along whilst reading it from the screen. Music instructors could project it onto a screen for a whole choir to see! Great idea for your next Cornish gathering, about 175 songs in all. These songs have been scanned with a new technique which should result in a cleaner printed copy than either B&W or normal grayscale, the onscreen presentation suffers slightly because of this, judge for yourself. 

I've included a free song for you to try out. Download now 383KB.  

Item: BB015
Price: $ 15.00

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