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A Description of Cornwall 1769

Author: Anon. 
Copyright: orig. 1769 

Description: Published by Newberry and Carnan of London, 164 pages, 7 copper plates, introduction by Jim Thompson.

This is a quite rare book and certainly one of the finest books dealing with all aspects of life in Cornwall, with extensive coverage of the Scilly Isles.

Topics: Antiquities, Curiosities, Situation, Figure, Extent, Climate, Rivers, Lakes, Mineral Waters, Soils, Fossils, Caverns, Plants, Minerals, Agriculture, Civil Divisions, Ecclesiastical Divisions, Cities, Towns, Palaces, Seats, Corporations, Markets, Fairs, Manufactures, Trade, Sieges, Battles, and the Lives of the illustrious Men each County has produced.

You may download this 20 page sample document for your own use, the sample is copyright  Belerion Books 2004. You may not modify the document, but you may print the document. If you wish to share this document I ask that you point people to this website so that they can download the sample. 

The sample may contain spelling errors, most of these are in the original document and have not been changed. Some of the formatting is not the final version and this may  be altered in the final copy.

The header and footer located on each of these sample pages will not appear in the purchased CD.

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