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The Basque Language

Author: W. J. Van Eys
Copyright: 1883

Description: Published by Trubner and Co. - London: 64 pages; catalogue of European and Asian language books 24 pages.  

A basic but well researched and presented introduction to Euskera the Basque language. All six principal dialects in the  are examined. An excellent book for the linguistic historian or beginning student.

Book is scanned at 300 DPI grayscale, but is full indexed and searchable.

Item: BB025
Price: $ 10.00


I. The Basque Language

II. The Alphabet

III. The Phonetic System

IV. The Definite Article

V. Agglutination

VI. The Noun

VII.The Suffixes

VIII. The Pronouns

IX. The Numerals

X. The Verb

XI. The Adverb and Conjunctions


Literal Translation












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