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Perranzabuloe - The Lost Church Found 

Author: C. Trelawny Collins
Copyright: 1839

Description: 294 pages. This is the story of the church built near the site of St. Piran's oratory his original church in Cornwall. This replacement church was built in the 10th century and in use until the early 1800s when encroaching sands forced it to be abandoned. St. Piran is the patron saint of tinners (tin miners), but in Cornwall he is now commonly thought of as representing Cornwall and it is his flag, a white cross on a black background that is associated as being the Cornish flag. This book was written contemporary with the events of the church being abandoned. A relatively scarce work and an important part of not only Cornwall's history but that of Christianity in Britain. Here is an interesting link.

Item: BB041
Price: $ 15.00

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