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Norman Architecture In Cornwall 

Author: Edmund H. Sedding
Copyright: 1909

Description: 630 pages, 164 plates which include photographs, floor plans, diagrams of the churches discussed as well as some of the manor houses. Fully indexed and fully searchable. Also includes a large extremely detailed Ecclesiastical Map of Cornwall. This is a very rare and costly book and is perhaps the most detailed and authoritative work on this style of architecture in Cornwall. The author E. H. Sedding (d 1921), was a member of the notable West Country Sedding family of architects. He designed churches in New Zealand, as well as in Cornwall and Devon.

I am quite proud of this facsimile CD, I really went the extra mile and spent many more hours getting the detail just right. Consequently I am forced to charge a slight bit more for this than other CDs. You can download the preface below. 

Item: BB043
Price: $ 20.00
Click on the icon to download the index in pdf format. 6341 KB. 





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