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Cornish Tales In Prose & Verse

Author: J. T. Tregellas
Copyright: 1865

Description: 196 pages of delightful dialect stories. A wonderful insight into how Cornish men & women of old talked, and of the things that were part of their lives.

J. T. Tregellas was a master of the Cornish dialect and the reader is able to ascertain subtle differences in the dialects of the characters, soon you will know how your ancestor in Helston, Towednack, St. Ives, or elsewhere actually spoke. Detail ->

Item: BB001
Price: $ 15.00

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County Churches Cornwall

Author: J. Charles Cox
Copyright: 1912

Description: 256 pages detailing most of the parish churches of Cornwall. J. Charles Cox began his preaching career in Cornwall as did his father before him, so was well acquainted with this mysterious land and her proudly independent people.

Illustrated throughout with B&W photographs and engravings. Fully indexed. Detail ->

Item: BB002
Price: $ 15.00

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Churches of West Cornwall

Author: J. T. Blight
Copyright: 1885

Description: 240 pages packed with details of all the churches of West Cornwall, 35 in all. Blight was perhaps the best illustrator in Cornwall at this time, perhaps of all time. His engravings are exquisite in their detail, & they abound in this book, well over 200 engravings!

50 pages are devoted to the antiquities of West Cornwall & The Scillies, including many of the famous quoits, wells, stones, tombs etc. Fully indexed. Detail ->

Item: BB003
$ 15.00

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An Unsentimental Journey Through Cornwall

Author: Mrs. Craik
Copyright: 1884

Description: 145 pages, wonderful Victorian travel memoir. What makes this one unique is that the journey is undertaken by a woman and two of her daughters. She introduces the reader to a bevy of local characters, perhaps one is your ancestor! Thirty five wonderful engravings by the renowned artist C. Napier Hemy, some of which are full page. Detail ->

Item: BB004
Price: $ 15.00

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Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual 1911

Author: Doidge
Copyright: 1911

Description: 455 pages an indispensable look at the world as was in 1911. Special section on the passing of King Edward VII. Emphasis is on Devon and Cornwall. Hundreds of period adverts, hundreds of rare old photographs, stories by the famous and not so famous. All sorts of miscellany, directories of doctors, druggists, etc., tide tables, lighting up times, lists of churches, fairs, market days, packet ships, postal delivery, much more...simply fascinating.

Now fully searchable. Simply type in the word or part of the word you are looking for and Acrobat will search for your selection and got to that page.

If you are looking for an ideal present, this book has something for everyone. Sure to please. Detail ->

Item: BB005
Price: $ 15.00

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St. Ives Cornwall With Its Surroundings

Author: Ethel E. Bicknell
Copyright: 1910

Description: No. 78 in The Homeland Handbooks series, 1st. Ed. no date, circa 1910, by Ethel E. Bicknell, published by Frederick Warne & Co. of London. 92 pages + 42 pages of adverts + map.

Nice book with detailed 1" to the mile map of West Cornwall. The map is often missing.

Lots of local advertisements. A guide to the Penwith area, with emphasis on St. Ives, lots of nice photographs, interesting information about early motor touring in Cornwall, section on walking in the district, a brief guide to churches and antiquities of the area, a basic history of the town and parish. Indexed. Detail ->

Item: BB006
Price: $ 10.00

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The Western Antiquary

Author: W. H. K. Wright
Copyright: 1882

Description: Being a medium of intercommunication for Antiquaries and Others interested in the History, Literature, and Legendary Lore of the Western Counties.

Devon & Cornwall Notebook, edited by W. H. K. Wright with an introduction by W. Copeland Borlase. Originally published in 1882 by Latimer & Son, Plymouth. 219 pages

This is the very first year for the famous "The Western Antiquary" which covers the year 1881. Each week in the newspaper The Weekly Mercury a column ran where those interested in any aspect of Cornwall or Devon could write and either ask questions, or respond to questions previously asked. Many luminaries of the period were regular contributors, including Boase, Hunt, Borlase, Courtney, Hawker, & Lach-Szyrma. Detail ->

Item: BB007
Price: $ 15.00

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Bygone Days In Devon And Cornwall

Author: Mrs. Henry Pennell Whitcombe
Copyright: 1874

Description: 276 pages plus full index. Originally published Richard Bentley And Son. London.

The book is divided into two main sections, Devon and Cornwall. Then further divided into 3 sub sections for each of these main sections. They are Superstions, Customs & Legends. Detail ->

Item: BB008
Price: $ 15.00

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Penzance: Past & Present

Author: G. B. Millett
Copyright: 1876

Description: Although only 55 pages in length, this is the reference to which all who have an interest in Penzance refer. This is the first of his two lectures which was delivered on 13 March 1876. Nicely illustrated with wood engravings.

Aside from the detailed history of the town & borough there is a plan from 1674 of the seating arrangement of St. Mary's Church, this is interesting in that it shows many of the important names of that period. There is also a detailed list of all the mayors of Penzance from 1614-1875.  

Item: BB009
Price: $ 10.00

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The Land's End

Author: W. H. Hudson
Copyright: 1927

Description: Hudson is best remembered as the author of Green Mansions, he was however a keen observer of nature. Like many he wintered in Cornwall, where he made observations not only of the flora & fauna, but also of the Cornish people. While his attitude toward the "local primitive sort" might seem condescending, it was the attitude of the times by many in England. 

If one can overlook his attitude to the Cornish people it has value as an insight to the area west of Hayle, its people, manners, customs as well as the animal and plant life. Detail ->

Item: BB010
Price: $ 15.00

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