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Here are some links that we at Belerion Books believe you may find of interest. If you have a business related to Cornwall and would like to do a free reciprocal link please contact us.

cornwall & devon mineral specimens

Cornwall & Devon Mineral Specimens

Mike Merry's excellent site for anyone with an interest in that very Cornish pastime, mineral collecting. Wonderful clear photos of the minerals, plus he also sells a wonderful CD of late 1800s 25 inch to the mile map of Cornwall annotated with mine details, shafts, lodes etc. by Hamilton Jenkin. They are also very handy to the genealogist looking for clear maps of Cornwall circa 1880. PayPal is accepted.

Penwith Local History Group

Penwith Local History Group are a group of keen, interested individuals who come together to preserve the fascinating history of this beautiful area. They have published many interesting and well-researched publication on life in West Penwith.

Cornwall Editions Limited Cornwall Editions Limited

Publishers of high quality books and prints that have their roots in Cornwall, in the far west of Britain, and attract customers from around the world. Secure online credit card orders.


Alison Hodge

Alison Hodge 

Publishers of award-winning, high-quality, illustrated books by leading authors. We specialize in the areas of art and photography, gardening and garden history, food, horticulture, natural history and surfing. Secure online credit card orders.

Cornwall Inscriptions Project

The Cornish Inscriptions Project (CIP) is a not for profit enterprise which is creating and publishing an archive of all memorials which record events and activities that commemorate the people of Cornwall. Michael Kiernan travels all over the world recording the headstones of the Cornish in far flung places. Places such as Mexico & Cuba places we often don't associate with Cornish mining. Southeast Asia is another area he has covered extensively.

Metal Mining Performance In Days Of Hand Boring And Gunpowder

This is an interesting site put together by John Higgins, a retired Cornish mining engineer now living in Brazil. In 1954 while a student at the Camborne School of Mines he was presented with an original mine Cost Book of Wheal Agar covering the period from October 1855 to November 1859.  Since retiring John has enjoyed making a study of the Cost Book and he wishes to share the wealth of information it contains. The aim of his web site is to provide a summary of activities at the mine during the years in question and to illustrate the rate of progress and costs of mining. 

Parish Chest

Parish Chest is an Aladdin's Cave bursting with parish registers, family tree charts, census records, directories and maps, etc., and houses the UK's largest range of family history products, bringing together 158 suppliers and well over 31,000 products and services in one easy-to-use website.

Proper Cornish Childhood by Mike Darracott
Proper Cornish Childhood

A true story of a young 10 year old Cornish boy called Michael, who back in the late sixties watched from the Cornish cliff tops, while the huge Torrey Canyon oil tanker was being bombed. The tanker had become snagged on rocks on the Seven Stones Reef, and Michael saw the wreck being bombed.

You can order the book directly from Michael Darracott, the author.



MAPCO's aim is to provide genealogists, students and historians with free access to high quality scans of rare and beautiful antique maps and views.

The site displays a variety of highly collectable 18th and 19th century maps and plans of London and the British Isles, and also 19th century maps and engravings relating to Australia.

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