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Saint Ives: An Historical Sketch

Copyright: 2001 First Published 1896

Description: Card covers, stapled, black and white illustrations, 59 pages, many period adverts.

Now out of print, this little guide is a small but quite comprehensive look back at St. Ives in 1896 and its history up until that year. This facsimile contains the Victorian advertisements. Valuable reference for people with an interest in the area.

Item: UB0091
Price: $10.00

The Land's End:
Its History and Legends
Author: W. S. Lach-Szyrma
Copyright: 2000 First Published 1876

Description: Card covers, stapled, black and white illustrations, 21 pages, many period adverts.

Now out of print. By the vicar of Newlyn, a fairly comprehensive introduction to the history and mythology of the area.

Item: UB0092
Price: $10.00

The Lost Ports of Cornwall 

Copyright: 1998

Description: Glossy card covers, 32 pages, 31 photographs from the days of sail.

Before the age of rail, Cornwall was basically an island, cut off from the rest of Britain and the world except by sea. Consequently there were many more seaports than we have today. However as ships got too large to enter these small ports and with the coming of rail, these ports and often the towns all but disappeared.

Item: UB0093


The Life and Progress of Henry Quick of Zennor
Author: P. A. S. Pool
Copyright: 1963 First Edition 

Description:  Card covers, 31 pages, illustrated.

Henry Quick was a local Zennor poet born 1792, died 1857. The QUICK family of Zennor and Towednack are said to have descended from a shipwreck survivor at Wicca Pool, Zennor in 1470. The book starts with a little family history and continues with his biography. This is followed by some of his surviving works including the 104 verse "The Life and Progress of Henry Quick of Zennor", "The Death of Pascoe Semmens, 1826", "John Uren of Boscawen, 1847" and finally a biography of some of his known works.

Item: UB0094
Price: $ 15.95

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A Passel-a-Yarns

Compliers: The Outreach Team, Pendeen
Copyright: unknown

Description: Card covers, 36 pages, some line drawings and short glossary of West Penwith dialect..

Small book; with modern short stories in the local "West Penwith" dialect. 8 delightful tales in all.

Item: UB0095
Price: $ 8.95

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Mawnan Parish Church

Author: unknown
Copyright: unknown probable reprint from early 1970s.

Description: Card covers, 24 pages, B&W photographs.

Small booklet packing quite a lot of information. Information drawn from the Account Books of the Poor and the Churchwardens and from old Vestry Minute books.

Item: UB0096
Price: $10.00

John Taylors
Wandering to see the Wonders of the WEST.
Author: John Taylor
Copyright: 2003, Originally Published 1649

Description: Card covers, 28 pages. 

Now out of print. An interesting little book detailing the author's travels in the mid 1600s to the far West of Cornwall, some 600 miles from London.

Item: UB0097
Price: $10.00

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A Short History Of St. Buryan

Author: Rev. C. B. Crofts
Copyright: 1955 First Edition

Description: Card covers, 67 pages, some line drawings and photographs. Excellent condition. 

Indispensable book for anyone with an interest in the parish of St. Buryan Cornwall, from prehistoric times right up until the present.

Item: UB0098
Price: $ 26.95

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Author: P. K. Baillie Reynolds
Copyright: 1966 

Description: Small stapled booklet consisting of 12 pages and a double-page plan of the ancient village.

Reynolds was the Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments and this appears to be the official booklet as it is Crown Copyright. Very detailed and expert study of the site. The plan is very detailed.  

Item: UB0099
Price: $10.00

How To Be Proper Cornish
Author: Penrose (signed copy)
Copyright: 1995

Description: Pictorial card covers 12 pages, crease down middle.

Handsome little souvenir with all manner of Cornish customs and anecdotes. By the time you read this and apply all the traits you will be Proper Cornish yourself.

Item: UB0100
Price: $6.95

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