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Patronymica Cornu-Britannica;
Etymology of Cornish Surnames

Author: Richard Stephen Charnock  
Copyright: 2000 First Published 1870

Description: Glossy card covers, 160 pages.

This is a facsimile of a book written in 1870 that attempts to explain the meanings of various Cornish surnames.

Item: UB0101
Price: $15.00

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A Dictionary of Cornish Dialect Words
Including a Glossary of Cornish Names & Similes & Sayings

Author: W. F. Ivey  
Copyright: 1980

Description: Card covers, 84 pages. Some staining of covers but does not affect contents.

Interesting little book that is a must have for anyone wanting to understand Cornish dialect. Dialects all over Britain are evolving and sadly disappearing. Perhaps no more so than in Cornwall with its large influx of outsiders, as well as many of the young people moving away. If you are an author and plan on making your tales set in Cornwall a bit more authentic this book would provide more than ample dialect.

Item: UB0102
Price: $19.00

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Jowan Chy An Horth

Author: John Page  
Copyright: 1982

Description: Card covers, 42 pages.

Increasingly hard to find book. John of Chyannor a well-known Cornish folktale by Nicholas Boson and one of the very few fragments of Cornish literature is examined in detail with notes for the student of the Cornish language. What we have here is the original text but in Unified Cornish, directly below this we find a literal word for word English translation, followed by detailed studies of the words and sentence structure as well as related words and forms of the words.

Item: UB0103
Price: $27.50


Old Penzance
Author: Edgar A. Rees 
Copyright: 1956 First Edition

Description: Hard cover, blue cloth boards, spine slightly sunned, 124 pages on glossy stock, many line and B&W photos. Very clean tight copy.

This self-published book is perhaps the most comprehensive look at the town and borough of Penzance. Contents include: Early History; Chapel Street & Churches; Market Jew Street, Market Place & Promenade; Domestic Conditions, Fashions, Public Services; games, Customs, Amusements, Baths & Bathing; Smuggling & Prisons; Personalities; Shipping & Industry; Miscellania; Conclusion.

Item: UB0104
Price: $34.50

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St. Ives In The 1800's

Compiler: R. P. Laity 
Copyright: 1973 First Edition, Signed by author

Description: Hard cover, burgundy imitation morocco gold gilt lettering, dust jacket is slightly chipped but underneath the book is as new, 70 pages, B&W illustrations. Very clean tight copy.

This self-published book is a compilation of John Hobson Matthews" "A Guide to Saint. Ives, its surroundings, scenery, curiosities, antiques, history and traditions" of 1884; Extracts from John Tregerthen Short's diary 1817-1872; John Hobson Matthews" "History of St. Ives" of 1892. bibliog. and a list of St. Ives" artists.

Item: UB0105
Price: $37.50

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The Old Parish Churches Of Cornwall

Author: Mike Salter 
Copyright: 1999 First Edition

Description: Book with glossy pictorial card cover. 120 pages profusely illustrated throughout with photographs taken between 1978 - 1998, maps, drawings and floor-plans, with square spine and title on spine. Includes a survey of church history in the area, a gazetteer of churches built before the 1790's, 228 churches in total and list of churches built thereafter, books for further reading. New, not previously read.

Item: UB0106
Price: $13.50


Essays In Cornish Mining History 2
Author: D. B. Barton 
Copyright: 1971 First Edition

Description: Hard cover book with dust jacket. Dust jacket chipped, otherwise book near fine. 176 pages, rare mining photographs and diagrams, fully indexed.

Contents: Introduction; Some Characters In Cornish Mining; Some Cornish Blowing and Melting Houses; Newham, Calenick and Treyew, The Genesis of Reverberatory Tin Smelting; Arsenic Production in West Cornwall; Portreath and its Tramroad; Restronguet Creek Tin Works, 1871-1879; Index.

Item: UB0107
Price: $33.50


Cousin Jack Afloat and Ashore
and Other Poems
Author: John T. Barber 
Copyright: 1969 First Edition, signed by author

Description: Card covers, near mint book, 70 pages. Illustrated with old rare photos of St. Ives.

John Barber was a St. Ives man from a long line of St. Ives Barbers. He was quite a local character whose booming voice was a regular fixture in the local pubs. He would perhaps be considered the poet laureate of St. Ives and many of these now famous works have been set to music and are regular fare in the area. John was a neighbour of ours at the top of Cledry Hill and this signed copy is one that he gave my grandmother.

Item: UB0108
Price: $23.50

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The Place-Names Of West Penwith

Author: P. A. S. Pool 
Copyright: 1985

Description: Card covers, 93 pages, maps.

This is an updated, revised and expanded version of this title first printed in 1973. It is perhaps the definitive guide to the meanings of the place-names in the far west of Cornwall. Pool gives known earlier variations of the name which often are a clue to their real meaning. Excellent book for linguistic scholars, historians, genealogists who have an interest in the Cornish language or the families of West Penwith.

Item: UB0109
Price: $23.50


The Field-Names Of West Penwith
Author: P. A. S. Pool 
Copyright: 1990, First Edition 

Description: Card covers, 102 pages, maps.

A scarce title. Much rarer than The Place-Names Of West Penwith. Here Pool attempts to do the same for the farm and field names of West Penwith as he has done for the place-names of West Penwith. Again he lists earlier variations of the names. It is fascinating to see how names have altered through the centuries. If you are a genealogist you will know how frustrating it can be tracking down tiny hamlets listed in various parish records or census data, farm and field names are even harder to pinpoint and Pool has given us the only such guide.

Item: UB0110
Price: $36.50

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