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Breaking The Chains
Propaganda, Censorship, Deception And The Manipulation Of Public Opinion In Cornwall

Author: John Angarrack 
First edition, Cornish Stannary Publications

Description: Soft cover, 442 pages; extremely rare and sought after book. 

We all know that the conquest and later repressions of Cornwall involved the use of force. This hard-hitting and often controversial book sets out to explain what the forces of centralisation have done in the past and, more importantly, reveals what is being done behind closed doors today.

Item: UB0141
Price: $99.50

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Excursions Through Cornwall 1824

F.W.L. Stockdale 

Copyright: 1972, First Edition facsimile of 1824 edition. Bradford Barton

Description: Hardcover with dust jacket, new old stock, 169 pages

This is a 1972 reprint of the original, type is clear and easy to read with original engravings. As published it was an "Historical and topographical delineation of the principal towns and villages, together with descriptions of the residences of the nobility and Gentry."
Also, "Remains of antiquity, and every other interesting object of curiosity; forming a complete guide for the traveller and tourist; illustrated with fifty engravings, including a map of the county."

Item: UB0142
Price: $19.50

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Days In Cornwall

Author: C. Lewis Hind
Copyright: 1907

Description: 409 pages; very good condition, all prints and plates intact. 

Perhaps my favourite book in my personal library, C. Lewis Hind captures Cornwall in a way few can. This is a great guide to walking in Cornwall even today almost 100 years since it was published. The author begins his journey by walking the length of the Tamar to its source then on to & along the north coast to Land's End then right around along the south coast round the Lizard arriving eventually back at Saltash. Not content with just doing the well-known coast route, he then tackles inland Cornwall, Launceston to St. Erth valley, the last section is devoted to inland explorations of West Penwith. 16 beautiful paintings by William Pascoe as well as 20 photographs. 

Item: UB0143
Price: $ 19.00

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Mount's Bay

Compiled by: Jonathan Holmes 
Copyright: 1996, First Edition

Description: Soft Cover, as new condition. 127 pages, B & W photographs.

Over 200 old and rare photographs comprising of over 100 years of local history. From the area that borders Mount's Bay from Land's End right around to The Lizard, including Porthcurno, Lamorna, Mousehole, Newlyn, Penzance, Marazion, St. Michael's Mount, St. Hilary, Porthlevan, Helston and more.

Item: UB0144
Price: $9.50

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St. Ives Bay

Compiled by: Jonathan Holmes 
Copyright: 1995, First Edition

Description: Soft Cover, as new condition. 127 pages, B & W photographs.

Over 200 old and rare photographs comprising of over 100 years of local history. From the area that borders St. Ives Bay including St. Ives, Carbis Bay, Lelant, Hayle and more.

Item: UB0145
Price: $29.50

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St. Ives Bay

Author: Clies Stevens 
Copyright: 2004, First Edition

Description: Soft Cover, VG. 96 pages, B & W photographs.

Rare book printed in limited numbers. Local St. Ives man Clies Stevens recalls St. Ives from the period just after WW2 until more modern times. He tells stories about many of the local characters. A treasure trove of local history, saying, lore and everyday life. It tells of a local community where nobody locked their doors, where children could run free, where everyone knew one another.

Item: UB0146
Price: $39.50

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Downlong Days
A St. Ives Miscellany

Eddie Murt 

Copyright: 1994, First Edition

Description: Soft Cover, VG. 141 pages, B & W photographs.

Local St. Ives man Eddie Murt recall St. Ives he knows, 'downlong' or where the fishing people lived. This is a close-knit community, full of superstition and close family bonds that go back generations. If you had fishermen in your family you will enjoy this book; if you have St. Ives fishermen in your family chances are your family will be mentioned and you MUST have this book.

Item: UB0147
Price: $14.50

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St Ives Heritage
Recollections and records of St Ives, Carbis Bay and Lelant

Lena Bray & Donald Bray 

Copyright: 1992

Description: Soft Cover, VG. 116 pages, B & W photographs.

Locals Lena & Donald Bray recall St. Ives, Carbis Bay & Lelant they know as only a local can know a place. This tells the local history, the people places, goings on up until WW2. A great addition to your library and becoming quite scarce.

Item: UB0148
Price: $19.50

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Diversity and Vitality
The Methodist and Nonconformist Chapels of Cornwall

Jeremy Lake, Jo Cox and Eric Berry 

Copyright: 1992

Description: Soft Cover large A4, VG. 141 pages, B & W photographs, charts and maps.

Cornwall had the largest number of dissenting places of worship in England. Cornish Methodism was a unique and strong part of every community and shaped the character of the Cornish people. Never before or since has this topic been covered so thoroughly than in this book. Another book that is rising in price fast because of the scarcity of the publication.

Item: UB0149
Price: $38.50

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Drop More Tay, Bit More Chat

Edited by: Margaret Gunn 
Copyright: 1995, First Edition

Description: Soft cover, VG, 40 pages, line art.

Collection of humourous Cornish dialect stories.

Item: UB0150
Price: $9.95

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